by Lush Drive

We get it, we live in a world where everyone wants a medal. But here’s the thing. At Lush Drive, we care about the journey more than the destination. While others will lure you into thinking the jackpot’s there for the taking, we’d rather be honest and remind you if everyone won, we’d be out of business real’ quick.

So how can you win at playing, instead of playing to win? First off, gambling should never be a problem. Remember to keep it fun, set an entertainment budget you’re comfortable with and for your own sake, don’t bust it. Alright, I’m glad we got this out of the way.

Double dip

Some people will tell you double dipping’s a major faux-pas. Well, some people just don’t know what they’re talkin’ about. Some promotions go hand in hand like salsa and guacamole and asking you to chose would just be mean. So #YOLO and combine away.  

On the contrary, no need to unsubscribe if you get something you’re not interested in; just delete it, we’ll get the memo. At any time, you can also review your preferences and opt in or out of specific lists, because hey, we’d hate to start taking you for granted!

Another way to double dip is to watch out for limited-time offers granting extra loyalty points on specific games, for writing reviews or referring your friends. Then redeem them when your coveted prize gets a discount! 

Look out for juicy bonuses

Even though we’re not big fans of bonuses and price wars, we will still occasionally offer specific bonuses to spice up the action. If you’re mindful of the conditions attached, some bonuses can turn out to be quite advantageous to maximize your play time and get more from us without busting your budget. You can see which bonus is available to you at all times by visiting the    Banking  section. 

Refer your friends

Along with reviewing games for the community, another way to earn extra points and level up faster is by referring your friends to us. Whenever a buddy of yours hooks up with us, you get $100. That’s right. A whole yard! It’s all yours once they make their first successful deposit. Don’t be shy and share the love; it pays for everyone!


Use crypto

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage. Aside from the fact it makes you look like you know what’s up, cryptos secure your transactions and work almost instantaneously. Not sure how it works? No worries. Our partner Velvet Sky will take care of everything for you. Check out “How to use bitcoin to play” for more details.

Watch out for email deals

If you’ve signed up for our newsletters, congrats; you’ve already earned free reward points! As we get to know each other, we’ll start sending you better targeted offers based on your habits.

A way to help us know you is by interacting with us on multiple channels. Emails are a great opportunity for us to listen as much as we speak, so when you click on the things you like, we take note and you can expect to see more of them in the future.


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