Can you help me -now-?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, hit that live chat button! We’re actually humans, and pretty decent ones. So don’t be shy and hit us up; we’ll be happy to help!


What depositing options are available to me?

Although we do offer the ability to deposit using Direct Payment (ACH), it may be direct, but it’s not instantaneous. This method is great if you want to avoid using your credit card, but your transfer may take 5 business days (or more the first time) before it reaches us. That means we can’t credit your account automatically.

If you’re in a rush, Velvet Sky is your best bet. It’s a crypto exchange that lets you automatically buy crypto without needing to know anything about it. Amazing, right? To deposit, you’re welcome to use your VISA or MasterCard. Amex should be added shortly. You can also use eWallet VoguePay. When using this method, crypto is only used to automatically transfer your funds to us. By the time you complete your transaction and refresh the page, it will already be converted back into your account’s currency, so you’re not exposed to crypto’s volatility.

Velvet Sky frequently adds new funding methods, so head over to their site to see the full range of options.


How do I access the cashier anyway?!

Once logged in, you can access the cashier page by clicking on Banking, either directly above or below the Profile icon, depending on which device you are using.


Are there fees to deposit?

Fees to deposit? Get out of here! Where’s the fun in that?

We do pay fees dealing with our financial institutions, but these fees are an ‘us’ thing, so not to worry. If you’re using crypto, you may see some network fees though.

One more thing: there is a minimum of $25 to make a deposit, we hope that’s cool?


Are there depositing limits?

Some, sure. There is a minimum of $25 per deposit.

The max per deposit is $1,000, but if you’re looking to deposit more, just reach out and we’ll arrange something that works for you.


How do I request a withdrawal?

Once logged in, go to the cashier page. click the withdrawal tab and you’ll see Direct Payment. Feel free to use this method if you’re not in a rush.

We have a bunch of other, faster options in store for you though. VoguePay’s eWallet solution allows for instant transfers between wallets, so you don’t wonder for days where your money’s gone (any Mt. Gox or QuadrigaCX customers here?). Once in your wallet, your funds can be sent back to your bank, used to pay for stuff online, whatever you fancy. To use this method, select Wire Transfer from the withdrawal tab.

If you’re really in a rush, we don’t blame you and crypto is your best bet. We can transfer your winnings in bitcoin directly into your wallet within minutes once your request has been approved. There will be some mining fees, but it’s pretty quick. To request a payment in bitcoin, click the “Bitcoin accepted here” button from the withdrawal tab, enter the amount and your crypto wallet, and we’ll confirm as soon as we’ve processed your request.

Note that withdrawals will only be processed in the name of the account holder.


How long does a withdrawal request take?

We have a winner! Processing a withdrawal can be quick depending on a couple things.

First, we need to verify you are you. Weird, I know. But we have to do it to prevent money laundering. In the industry, this is called KYC (know your customer; you’re the customer).

To do the KYC thing, click here and follow the instructions. Spoiler: we’ll ask you for a copy of your government issued photo ID and a copy of a recent utility bill with your address.
We only need to know you are you once, so this is a one time thing. Unless you start acting really weird and we suspect you’re not being yourself (literally).

Second, after we know who you are and all, requests will be processed within 24 hours provided your account is in good standing and all that stuff.

Don’t want to wait? Crypto is the way to go.


Can I use another person’s credit card to make my deposit?

This, we cannot do. Sorry my friend. It’s a big no no for us.


What happens if my deposit fails?

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Your deposit isn’t going to be charged and no one is in trouble here, keep it cool. Sometimes it’s just that the request timed out. It happens when you’re on the go and your phone’s network isn’t that great.

What to do next?
You can try again with the same card if you think it’s a network issue, you can try a different card or you can just reach out through live chat and we will figure it out together. If you’re using Velvet Sky to deposit, they also have customer support via live chat. Whatever works for you. Email’s also cool.


Do you accept US players?

While it is illegal for American businesses to accept US players, take bets or process payments for online gambling, Lush Drive is based in sunny Costa Rica. Our laws do not restrict online gambling like those of other countries, and as such, we don’t have to penalize players from abroad.

Players from the USA, Australia and most countries in between are more than welcome to register and play with us, as long as they are over 18 years of age. While there are no federal laws regulating gambling in the US, in some States, the rules are changing. If you believe you may face issues with your banks by using your credit card for gambling, bitcoin is your best option. Lucky for you, we do accept bitcoin for gambling as well.


I need to what? What’s KYC? Why do I have to do this?

KYC is us getting to know you better, or as they call it ‘ know your customer’. For us to be able to keep up with regulations, we have to prove you are who you say you are and you’re not trying to do the criminal thing.

It’s easy, all you have to do is:
– Upload a photo of you holding your ID;
– Provide a proof of your address; a phone bill or something (it has to have your name as well);
– We may also occasionally request for you to verify the last deposits you made as well by signing a document confirming the transactions.

You only have to do this once, then you’re all set & ready to go.


Is Lush Drive safe?

Well, we certainly hope so! We use the highest standard in encryption technology to make sure your data is kept safely and securely. See that lock next to our website address? If you click on it, you can verify by yourself. It should say “Connection is secure”. Thanks COMODO!
Your privacy is important to us and we are fully committed to protecting your personal info. We’re never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Seriously, check out our Privacy Policy page, we’ve laid it all out for you in plain English.


What personal information do I share when making a comment/review?

First, we thank you and so does everyone else! Reviews make the world go round they say. Well, we say that anyways.
When you make a review the usernames you used to become a member will be shown to other members reading your review.
That’s the only information that is shown publicly when you post a review.
If you’re just rating a game, there is no information publicly shared.


How do I post a review or rate a game?

Writing a review or rating a game is awesome and helps out other Lush Drive members.

To post a review, go to the game page and access the Reviews tab to let us know your story. You have to login first, otherwise we won’t know who’s the amazing author behind it 🙂

Reviews will be published after they have been reviewed by a human to make sure it’s not offensive or promoting your own website.

Posting a bad review? That’s alright, we aren’t about playing big brother, just keep the language appropriate and useful please.


What is that little graph for on the game page? Slot volatility?

This little guy? This little guy is there to let you know about how the slot machine pays out.

Here’s the easiest way we can explain it.

Some slots will pay out huge, but for them to do this, there tend not to be many wins leading up to the huge win.
Other slots will pay out smaller wins much more frequently.
At the end of the day, well maybe at the end of the month, the same amount of money will be paid out from all the slot machines, it’s just how it gets paid out.

This is what we refer to as slot volatility and it’s really makes a difference in the game play.

If you’re looking to keep the reels spinning, we would suggest to play slots that are lower in volatility as they will give you smaller but more frequent wins.

If you’re looking to score a big win, the higher volatile slots will let you do that, but just know that you’re going to lose a lot of spins trying to get there, so come prepared with a bankroll and maybe don’t bet as big to help your chances of getting there.

If you’d like to know more about volatility, check out our Get Started section. We have a bunch of articles explaining how it all works.


How can I see the game rules?

Get the scoop on all our games by clicking the Features tab from the game page. This section will give you everything you need to know about the game.

And if it doesn’t, try launching the game and clicking Help. You’ll find more fun stuff such as pay lines and all that jazz.


How are the casino’s game odds determined?

Each of our games use a fancy random number generator, RNG for slang.
Our RNG has been made using a computer program ensuring a random output each spin of the reels or hand dealt.
This RNG is not unique to Lush Drive, we share this same program with hundreds of other gaming sites out there.

But straight up, this is computer generated random. Put differently, it’s predictable randomness.
Do you really care? Should you really care?

We will leave that up to you.


How do progressive slot jackpots work?

Oh the progressive slot, such a magical beast.
Actually, not really.
A progressive slot is much like every other slot out there with one little difference. Each time a bet is placed, the slot will take a small amount of the bet and add it to the progressive jackpot prize to keep it building until someone takes the cake.

How do you win the progressive slot?
Try this: A, B, A, B, Start, Sel’… Wait, no. That’s something else.

The progressive jackpot is paid out just like any other win, line up the reels and the jackpot is yours, plus a bunch of excitable sounds and animations to enjoy.

You can check what the jackpot is for a specific game by accessing the Features tab from the game page.

Video games sold separately.


What are casino bonuses?

Aaaah, the casino bonus…

We sure do have casino bonuses, but not like ‘the other guys’. Well, sort of like the other guys. What we mean to say is we don’t have off the wall massive casino bonuses with insane wagering terms you’re never going to meet.

Our casino bonuses are reasonable amounts with terms that doesn’t leaving you stuck. As we see it, a bonus should be a bonus, not an obligation to pass over to your first born (on its 18th birthday of course).

A casino bonus will give you extra credits to keep playing your favorite game, or try something new that you think could be interesting.

To see the bonuses available to you, check the Banking tab within the Profile section.


What are wagering requirements?

Nothing in life is free, wagering requirements are a nice reminder of that.

Say you claim a deposit bonus where you’re going to deposit $50 and get $50 of bonus.
You will see wagering requirements like (Deposit + Bonus) x 25, which means you’re going to be required to make $2,500 worth of bets to clear the terms.

Some people call it playthrough, others rollover. It’s a thing, we didn’t invent it.

You can meet your wagering requirements by playing however you’d like. If you need to do $2,500 worth of bets, you can do 2,500 bets at $1 playing Blackjack or bet $100 25 times.

Since these terms basically stick you into playing, we keep them as low as we can. If people are abusing the bonuses, we just stop giving them to people.


I wanna play live dealer on mobile!

So do we! 🙂 Our provider is currently hard at work coming up with new exciting and HTML5 friendly games, so check back soon for updates…


Where's the sportsbook?

Coming soon, we swear! Our team’s hard at work fixing the last few bugs and integrating our sports product so that you can have a go at it, hopefully before March Madness ends.


I got a text from you. How did you get my number?

If you got a text inviting you to join, it’s likely because one of your friends gave us your details. If you don’t want us to reach out to you using that method, that’s cool. Just text back STOP and we’ll remove your name from our lists.