by Lush Drive

If you haven’t made your first deposit yet, the time has come! For a limited time, make a first deposit of at least $25 and get an extra $50. This bonus requires $500 worth of wagers – any RNG game counts. Payout options include eWallet, bitcoin and direct payment via ACH.


Claim your $50 now

How can I get my $50 Deposit Bonus?

To redeem your $50 First Deposit bonus, or any bonus for that matter, first you’ll need an account. See that little    in the corner of the page? That’s it. Click on it, and if you’re not a member yet, click Join now. Follow the instructions and go to town.

Already in the know? Awesome. You're the best. Once you’re logged in:

1. Click on   Banking.

2. Claim Promotion.

3. Pick your bonus and hit Claim Now. Before any bonus is added to your account, the full Ts&Cs will be displayed.

4. Now’s the time to make your first deposit. If you pick direct payment, it may take some time  before your account can be credited; sure, it’s direct, but it’s not instant. If you’re in a rush, hit the Velvet Sky button. Through that partner, we currently accept VoguePay, Visa and MasterCard. More options are coming soon, such as Amex and more cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned… If you have any questions throughout the process, hit the Live Chat button 🙂

All good? Well that’s it.

Enjoy the ride.