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When we talk about game volatility, what we are referring to is the how the game pays out. It’s basically the amount of risk related to a specific game. A highly volatile game may not offer you many wins within your play session, but when you do win, it’s going to be a big one. Meanwhile, low volatility slots allow you to score winning paylines more often, but the payout is usually smaller.


Why is it such a big deal?


We’re all for self-expression. If you have money to spare, by all means, try your hand at the higher risk slots. But if you’re looking for more entertainment for your dollars, sticking to the lower variance slots might be a good idea. Lower volatility games may have smaller payouts, but since they’re more frequent, there’s no time to get bored. Small wins pop up at regular intervals, bonus features, free spins and animations enhance the experience, and before you know it, you forgot what time it is.


Wait, is it variance or volatility?


In this case, they’re the exact same thing. Variance and volatility are both used in finance to give you a sense of an asset’s risk. High variance or volatility is associated with higher risk, along with a higher potential return. Potential being the operative word here.


How can I know the volatility of the games I’m playing?


There are a number of ways. On desktop, if you hover over a game card, you’ll see some additional info appear. On mobile, it’s shown by default. Spot the lightning bolts: that’s your volatility. Our scale goes from low (1) to extreme (4).

Volatility can also be found on individual game pages, next to the ratings. Sorting the games by volatility can also be done pretty easily from the Explore page (“sorted by”).


Is it smarter to play high volatility slots with freebie money?


If you’re old enough, you may remember the dawn of online gambling, it’s crappy interface, paper checks… and bonus abuse. Due to wagering requirements, maximum amount converted to real money and all those funky new rules you’ll find at most online casinos nowadays, it’s become incredibly hard to make a profit from no deposit bonuses though (sorry, hunters).

Sure, if you’re careful and pay attention to meeting all the requirements, you could end up with some money left, but it’s unlikely going to be more than pocket change. Bottom line: it’s not really a matter of how aggressive you play, even if you win quickly, these bonuses are meant for new players to get a taste of the product offering, not to make you rich and put us out of business! Think of it less as dollars and more as casino chips.


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