by Lush Drive

Spoiler: Yes, United State players are very much welcome at Lush Drive.

I’m in!

Alright kid. So you live in the United States, your laws keep changing, the definition of news, regulations and even the constitution itself keeps changing, and you’re not sure if you should even be here. We get ya. These are fascinating times we live in.

Well, here’s the deal. Nobody cares about Costa Rica. We sure do; it’s the best place to live in the world (that is, unless you’re stuck in traffic, need to open a bank account or are required to verify your home address)! But for outsiders, we’re pretty insignificant. In fact, Costa Rica never bothered adding anything pertaining to online gambling to its laws.

So here we are, just a regular online business doing its thing, and we have no reason not to be friendly and welcoming to customers from abroad. So come on in!

OK but I don’t know you?

Sure, we’re the new kids on the block, but as such, we decided we were going to do things differently. We’ve built a site where you can rate, review, share all of our games, content and get in touch with us not only through email and live chat, but also on social media. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and even Spotify, making playlists to get you in the right mood. That’s the Lat’Am charm 😉


Lush Drive isn’t that different from you; we’re a happy bunch from all origins gathered together and sharing one way of life: Enjoy the ride. No matter where you come from, it’s about the roads you travel and the people you meet along the way.

And because we’re so welcoming, we’ve decided to let you try us out for free. That’s right! And we don’t mean as in “play for fun with fake cash”. We will give every new player signing up $20 in real money to try out any game they want. No deposit required. Just sign up for an account, it takes about 2 minutes and you can do it from your phone (it’s 2019). We’ll verify your number anyway so you might as well use it.

A no deposit bonus? Really? What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. All we want is for you to give us a shot. If you want, you can give us some feedback about the site, the games, which banking options you’d like to see and how we can improve in the future. Whether you rate and review our games or reach out through social, it’s extremely valuable to us. In fact, in some cases, we’ll go as far as granting you extra reward points just because we’re grateful you’ve shared your thoughts with us!

Let’s be real; most sites rating and reviewing casinos do it for money and your final score depends more on how much you’re willing to give than how relevant you are to your peeps. We want to change that, skip the middleman and hear it from you. You’re the boss. So claim that $20 and let’s hear what you have to say!

Just a quick note though: before you want withdraw that cash, we still ask that you play at least a certain number of handles. After all, it is meant to be so you can try us out. The full Ts&Cs can be found in plain English in the    Banking section where the bonus can be claimed. No hidden fine prints or anything, just common sense.


I got a text from you. How did you get my name and number?

We’ve launched Lush Drive in beta mode in 2018 and we’re now scaling our operations. As such, we decided to give an extra incentive to our testers to refer their friends, or anyone they think would like to join and play with us. If you got a text inviting you to join, it’s probably because one of your friends gave us your details (friend, colleague, step mom… look, we don’t know who you talk to about your hobbies and we’re not judging).

If you don’t want us to reach out to you using that method, that’s cool. Just text back STOP and we’ll remove your name from our lists. Before you do, know that we don’t text more than once a week. We don’t want to be that guy… You know which one.


Can I also get cash if I refer my friends?

Absolutely! The more the merrier, as they say. The current deal goes like this: you give us your pal’s name and contact details, we reach out and say nice things about you, they sign up, and if they end up sticking around and making a deposit, you’ll get $100 credited into your account. That’s right, a whole yard. Isn’t life amazing?


Alright I’m in